Structure for your mind
Flow for your heart

Having a framework for your business development is just as important as creating the empty space you need to play and make magic.

The Spiral Business Development Mastermind helps you gracefully ebb and flow between these natural phases of your business growth, generating revenue along the way. And you’ll join a community of like-minded business builders on the same spiral path.

Harness the power of evolutionary business growth

Are you ready to do the deep work of implementing your brilliant business vision?

Are you yearning for a business development framework that gives you the confidence you need to take the next steps but also allows you the freedom to learn and grow along the way?

Are you ready to stop waiting to create the revenue you want for your business?

Who is Amy Simpkins?

I am a vision architect.

I help developing entrepreneurs clarify and ground their business vision so they feel focused and confident about moving forward and creating unstoppable momentum.

I do that by capturing the wisps of inspiration, ideas, passions and plans whirling in their heads and refining them into a simple, elegant vision along with sustainable, actionable plans that allow them to grow their business and their revenue on their own terms.

I believe that you can only see the doors of opportunity open to you if you are moving forward.  It is my mission to create forward momentum, and with it, clarity, so that my clients can do their most fulfilling, most impactful work.

I spent 10 years as a spacecraft systems architect for various earth-observing, manned, and interplanetary space missions.  It was my responsibility to hold the vision for the entire mission, including the spacecraft hardware, the operational concepts, and the end users of the results.  I am a master at weaving together complex integrated solutions that are not only workable and sustainable, but are also elegant.

I’ve now built multiple businesses myself, and I’m using that proven technical expertise to help you expand your business mindset.  Let’s get you out of small-time tunnel vision and into a beautiful, expansive headspace where anything is possible.

My superpowers are:

  • Tangible vision. I see the big picture vision so clearly that I can manipulate it in my mind as if it were a physical entity. And then I can see the path to create it. I can do this for other people as well as for myself.
  • Discovery and exploration through experimentation. I’m a “woman of action,” as my husband would say. I am not afraid to try things and fail, learn, tweak, and try again. I like to learn and develop by throwing things to the wall to see what sticks. And I can help others get over their fear and stagnation and do the same.
  • Finding beauty, poetry, connection, and pattern in seemingly unrelated things.

What’s included?

The Spiral Business Development Mastermind

Spiral Business Development Training
Exclusive SBD Community
Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Periodic Review and Planning Support

…but that’s not all!


Architect Your Business Course ($297 Value)
Supplemental Training and Resources
Private Coaching at Discounted Rates

If you are ready to get down and dirty with the deep work it takes to grow a business on your own terms, and you want to do it in community with some amazing like-minded people, the Spiral Business Mastermind is for you.

What’s next?

How it Works

First you’ll choose whether you would like a monthly or annual membership. Once you’ve chosen your payment plan and registered for the mastermind, you’ll have instant access to all of the training material and information on how to join the mastermind Facebook group.

You’ll start by completing the Architect Your Business Course.  This allows you to clarify and integrate your business vision so that you know what you are moving towards.

After that, you’ll begin the implementation of that vision.  You’ll use a structured-yet-flexible spiral process to put your products, services, and other ideas in front of the people who need it. You’ll focus on generating revenue, building relationships, and allowing space for inspiration to lead you.

Along the way you’ll have the support of community and of Amy Simpkins, Vision Architect, through various channels of support. If you feel that you need more tailored support, you can take advantage of private coaching sessions at discounted rates.

You can stay in the mastermind for as long as is useful to you.  There is no set timeframe or program to complete.  The Spiral Business Development Framework is there to use throughout your business implementation and growth process.  You will continue to pay the same rate you initially signed on for, even if the price increases in the future.

You may cancel anytime, and your membership will end at the end of the time period for which you had previously paid. If you choose to rejoin the mastermind at a future time, you’ll sign up at the current rate.

$197 monthly
Spiral Business Development Mastermind
$1997 annually

best value!

Spiral Business Development Mastermind

Questions? Email and we’ll get them answered.